Why Hire an Energex Subdivision Building Consultant?

If you're building a new subdivision in South-East Queensland, then you have to plan out a power supply for the project that meets the approval of the Energex network. In addition to a reticulation network that delivers powers to the homes on the land, you might also need to incorporate other electrical functions like street lighting.

You can't simply do this work yourself. You will need to hire an accredited electrical subdivision consultant. Why?

Get Plan Approval From Energex

You need approval from Energex before the company will connect your subdivision to the network. They have a set process that covers everything from the planning stage of the work through to its final approval.

However, Energex will only approve subdivision requests for a power connection if they are made by one of their accredited partners.  You can't submit a proposal for a connection if you aren't in this network.

So, your consultant will work with you to draw up plans for the project. They then submit these plans with a design of the subdivision's electrical network. They liaise with Energex to check if the work you need to do needs any upgrades or changes to the current network in the area.

Once your plans and design are approved, your consultant gets an offer of connection. At this stage, you can start building the electrical network once your consultant has paid any relevant fees.

Get Help Building the System

Once you have the approval to proceed, you need to bring in expert electrical services. Typically, you're going to have to use a provider who is also approved by Energex.

In some cases, your consultant might also do this kind of work. Some companies combine initial consultancy with electrical expertise at this level.

This is likely to be the easiest route to take. If one company draws up your plans and design and gets you to acceptance stage, then it makes sense to use them for the actual build if you can. You know that they fully understand the work that needs to be done.

It is important to stick with your approved plans here. Once you've finished your electrical work on the subdivision, Energex will connect you to the public network.

They'll then audit the build to check that it is in order. You won't get final approval for the project until you pass this check. If something isn't right, you'll have to put it right first.

To find out more about Energex subdivision services, contact electrical building consultants.