It’s Illuminating: Why You Need Downlight In Your Yard

If you don't have any downlighting in your yard, it's time to talk to an electrician about adding those fixtures. You might think that downlighting only has interior benefits, but that's not the case. Downlighting is the perfect addition to any yard. If you're not sure that you need downlighting in your yard, read the information provided below. You'll find four important reasons to talk to an electrician about installing outdoor downlights in your yard. 

Set the Mood

If you enjoy spending quiet evenings outside but you like the light to be just right, it's time to add downlighting to your yard. Downlighting provides a touch of moonlighting to the yard, even when the moon isn't out at night. Not only does downlighting create a relaxing atmosphere, but it also provides a touch of light for all of your landscaping. 

Prevent Injuries

When you spend time outside after dark, you know how tricky it can be to navigate the pathways in your yard. Unfortunately, trip and fall accidents can lead to some serious injuries. You could install uplighting fixtures along the pathways in your yard, but you can trip over those as well. This is especially true if they're installed right along the pathways. The best way to prevent injuries is to utilise downlighting instead. Because downlighting is installed overhead, there's no risk of tripping on it. 

Improve Security

If you're worried about home security, take a look at the lighting in your yard. If you don't have any downlight fixtures installed in your yard, it's time to make some changes. You might not realise this, but well-placed downlighting can improve your safety and the security of your home. First, downlighting illuminates those darkened areas that can provide hiding places for intruders. Second, downlighting can be attached to timers, ensuring that your property is illuminated as soon as the sun begins to set. Finally, downlighting fixtures that are equipped with motion sensors ensure that would-be intruders leave your property. 

Protect the Lighting

Finally, if you want to install lighting in your yard, take steps to protect the fixtures. Ground-level lighting fixtures are at an increased risk of damage, especially when you have an active family. In fact, ground-level lighting fixtures can be broken during outdoor sporting activities or even by miscalculations while parking the family vehicle. You won't have those problems when you install downlighting. That's because downlighting fixtures are installed overhead.