Why Your Hot Water Tank Needs a Helping Hand

You may think that there is little that can go wrong with a storage device such as a hot water tank, but it is very important to keep up with preventative maintenance here if you want to avoid any problems. As simple as this device may be, it can definitely suffer from wear and tear, especially due to the quality of the water that it has to deal with. What should you be on the lookout for?

Hard Water Issues

Certain parts of the country have to make use of hard water due to the geological conditions in the area. This type of situation can be difficult for a hot water tank to deal with, and scale may build up within the tank that could cause other parts of the system to break down.

Building Trouble

For example, deposits and minerals can attach themselves to the heating element, and when this happens, you may not be able to reach the desired temperature. These deposits will need to be removed before the situation can be put back to normal.

It's also important to monitor the condition of the anode rod as this is meant to 'sacrifice' itself to corrosion, in order to protect the more important components. If it's been some time since you had a look at what's going on with the rod, it may have disappeared altogether, and problems will be around the corner.

Temperature Control

The tank also relies on electrical and electronic devices, and one of these, in particular, is crucial. If the thermostat device were to malfunction, then the water coming out of the tap may either be stone cold or scorchingly hot.

Listen and Learn

Sometimes, an early warning system of sorts will alert you to problems within. For example, you may hear a strange banging noise first thing in the morning, and this indicates that an excessive amount of sediment may have built up in or around the heating element. Don't delay if you hear such a noise as this is an indication that a service is long overdue.

Time for a Repair

Bring in an electrical repair contractor if your hot water tank is not doing its job. They will be able to identify the problem quite quickly and make a repair, but remember not to fall into this trap again. Make sure that you mark your calendar so that you do not forget in the future.