Is Your Expanding Warehouse Able to Cope with the Increased Power Demand?

Recent events have led to a surge in demand for certain industries and an increase in activity in the typical commercial warehouse. You may be in charge of just such a facility and are racing to keep pace with the trend, so you may be adding capacity and, with that, electrical use. However, are you sure that your facility will be able to cope with this uptick in energy demand and what should you do to keep ahead of any potential problem?

Upgraded Configuration

When your warehouse was initially built and connected to the mains supply, it was configured to deal with unexpected demands. Certainly, some additional capacity may have been added to take into account natural expansion, but this does not mean that your installation can cope forever.

Stretching the Capacity

Since the facility was inaugurated, additional electrical appliances may have been added over the months and years without any reference to the original plans. All may have been well up until this point, but now that you have to deal with a sizeable spike, you have to order additional capacity, machines and other electrical units.

Additional Strain

All of this will undoubtedly put an increased strain on the system and may eventually lead to performance issues, outages or other tell-tale signs. You may find additional problems if you have to increase the operating hours within the facility or if you have to add an extra shift to cope with the burgeoning demand.

Setting up a Monitoring System

At the very least, you should put in place a system that allows you to monitor your use of energy, to see how much each individual piece of equipment draws on the system and to document any problems. You should make sure that you keep clear records and ask for advice before you add any significant piece of equipment or extend your operating hours. The more information that you have, the more prepared you are likely to be for potential problems as and when they arise.

Bringing in an Electrician

In addition, you should call in a commercial electrician to have a look at the status of your installation and let you know whether you need to take urgent action or not. If they need to rewire the system to cope or to add extra capacity, then they will be able to do that so that you can continue to grow without any interruption or risk of damage.

For more information, contact a commercial electrician