How To Know Whether Your Electrical Issue Requires An Emergency Electrician

Electricians are one of the most essential tradies across Australia. Not only do they keep the country feeling cool throughout summer with air-conditioning installation but they also ensure that all the modern gadgets you could possibly want are connected and ready to go at any time. Sometimes electrical faults do happen due to no fault of your own, and when that does occur, it can be difficult to know whether you need an emergency electrician or simply a regular electrician. Here are a few easy clarifications that should help you choose which number to call.

What Is An Emergency Electrician?

An emergency electrician is an electrician who is specifically prepared for quick call-outs. That means that they do not accept a lot of long-term jobs that would require a lot of manpower, and it also guarantees that someone is always monitoring the phone and online contact avenues. They have all the tools and training of a regular electrician and the 'emergency' aspect of their job specifically relates to how they conduct business, rather than their level of expertise. They are there for convenience, but this convenience comes at a premium cost, so it is important to know when you can wait a while to get a regular call-out or if you do really need an emergency electrician.

Emergency Electrical Problems

When you consider emergency electrical problems you should consider just how immediate and pervasive the issue is. Does it stop you from working? Does it severely impact your ability to relax or enjoy homelife? Does it actively endanger your wellbeing? If the answer to any of those questions is yes then you should of course call for an emergency electrician. Some examples of these problems include:

  • Malfunctioning switchboard
  • Sparking power outlet
  • Broken air conditioning 
  • Issues relating to a surge
  • Hot water 

Can I Wait?

Often a regular electrician will be able to make a call-out within a few days, so the question is really one of a cost-benefit analysis. The best way to avoid needing an emergency electrician is to have regular check-ups done and to get any issues fixed before they endanger the whole house or system. The only time you should need an emergency electrician is for a small-repair that is making life uncomfortable in immediate and very annoying ways. Avoid using emergency electricians to do big jobs, such as electrical rewiring or upgrades to your system. These can be more planned out, which will save you a lot of money!