Power Installation Is Not a Job for the Home Owner

Do you enjoy completing home DIY projects in your spare time? Maybe you enjoy putting up shelving or re-plastering the walls? There are lots of jobs that a keen home improvement enthusiast can carry out to save money and still make their home better. However, while working on your home is often a great idea there are still some situations where it is important to call on a qualified expert. Normally an expert is required when the risks of getting it wrong are serious or potentially life-threatening. If you put up a shelf that is crooked the worst that might happen is that your books slide onto the floor. If you make a mistake while carrying out an electrical power installation the consequences are likely to be deadly.

What could go wrong?

You might think that an electrical power installation simply involves stripping back a couple of wires and screwing them into a terminal block but there is a lot more to it than that. You must know which wires should be placed in which positions. You must understand which type of cables should be used and how to connect them correctly. You might think that you know what you are doing but the risks are still too great. You might finish a power installation and think that everything looks good. You could even turn on the power and find that everything appears to be working correctly, but that doesn't mean you have done the job right. Over time your cables could burn out, work loose, or start to arc dangerously. An experienced power installation engineer would spot the problems instantly but you might not realise that there is a problem until a fire starts or you experience an electric shock.

Must the electrician do it all?

When it comes to power installation work, calling a qualified electrician is not only the safe thing but also the legal thing to do. However, there are still electrical tasks that you can safely carry out and that should satisfy your thirst for DIY work. The law allows you to carry out any electrical work that does not involve hard-wiring anything into the mains. If what you need is a light fitting, power installation or anything else that involves wiring into the mains then you must find a suitably qualified electrician who is happy to come to your home and complete the work for you.

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