Why It’s Best to Move Out for the Duration of Your House Rewiring Project

Depending on factors such as the size of your home, the skill and experience of the electrician, and the scope of work involved, among other factors, a house rewire may take up to several days. Many homeowners wonder if they can stay in their homes during this process. Often, it's likely easier for everyone involved if homeowners choose to find alternative accommodation during this time. Yes, you should temporarily move out while the rewiring work is ongoing, and here is why.

Too Much Dust

Lifting floorboards to remove, re-route, and run cables will release some dirt and dust. There will be even more dirt and dust released when the contractor cuts channels and holes in the wall to run cable.

All this dust and dirt may cause you and your family some health problems, and especially if you do not wear the same protective gear that your contractor will know to wear. If you have pre-existing health conditions such as asthma, dust allergy, or any respiratory disease, being exposed to this much dust will only aggravate your condition.

Disruptively Loud Work

Moving furniture and other items around your house can get loud. Floor and wall chasing is even louder, as the house rewiring services electrician will need to drill through the concrete. All that noise can be very disruptive. If you work from home, it may be quite challenging to get anything done when you cannot concentrate well. If you have young children, the noise may frighten and irritate them. Eventually, you may be living in a home with loud construction work and crying children. 

No Power

For safety purposes, the contractor will need to turn off the power at the mains. It may, therefore, be quite challenging to do much of anything when you have no power and cannot use any appliances, or even enjoy some lighting in those rooms that don't get as much natural light.

Protect Household Items in Storage

As you find temporary accommodation, you may also want to consider keeping some of your items in storage. You will be able to avoid accidental damage to these items and will give the electricians providing the house rewiring services plenty of working space. If the contractor doesn't spend as much time moving furniture and other items around, they may be able to complete the rewiring even sooner than initially projected.

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