Warning Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Emergency Repair

Most people do not sense when their water heater is about to fail them. They will only realise their unit has issues when they get cold water instead of the expected hot water when showering. The unpleasant surprise may not go down well, especially during the cold season. However, this is something you can avoid if you know how to spot signs of possible failure of your hot water system.

It would be best if you were on the lookout to notice anything unusual with your system. The following are signs that will help you to know if your system needs repairs.

Excessive Water Collection Near the Heater

Though you need water flowing in your system, it is something different if the water collects outside the system. When you notice some accumulation of water outside the heater, it is a sign that your system is leaking. Therefore, rather than waiting for a significant problem, it is prudent to call a professional to check and fix the leaks.

Brown or Rusty Water

Usually, the water that comes out through the tap should be clear unless there is a problem. Once you begin noticing a change in the colour of the water, there may be an accumulation of sediment in the tank. It is crucial to pay attention to any colour changes in your tap water if you want to avoid significant repairs. With expert emergency services, you will spare the system from possible damages.

Unusual Low Water Pressure

When the system is functioning well, it releases water with enough pressure, providing an uninterrupted supply. But sometimes mineral deposits may accumulate in the system, and that may lead to reduced efficiency in your hot water unit. Further accumulation may cause pipe blockage or reduced pressure. If your water has been running well, any change in pressure may mean that the system needs repairs.

Unusual Rumbling and Noise From the Heater

The heater may sometimes begin producing some noise that was not audible before. The noise could mean that some deposits are building up in the tank. That may affect the transfer of heat, meaning that the water will not be heated in the right way. Therefore, the unit will have to work harder to ensure proper heating of the water, leading to excessive energy consumption.

When you see any of these signs, it is time to have your system checked to prevent further damage. Ignoring the need for necessary repairs can lead to the complete failure of your unit. Therefore, hire an experienced professional to handle any problems you might have with your hot water unit as soon as you notice anything unusual. 

To learn more about hot water systems, contact a professional.