Power Installation Project Surveys Explained

Regardless of the scale of the project, all power installation projects should be left to licensed electricians. The electrician will employ their skills and experience to get the job done right.

Surveys are an important tool that electricians use to ensure the success of your power installation project on several fronts. There are two main types of surveys, and here is a look at the purpose that each serves.

1. Pre-Installation Survey

Before the electricians can even begin pulling cables and wiring panels, there is a critical step involving planning. A pre-installation survey is a key element of the planning process as it will give data required going forward.

Pre-installation surveys involve assessing your load profile and evaluating site conditions and how they will impact power installation work. These are details that will inform the specifics of your installation, such as the number of outlets to install and the size of cables to use.

The electricians will also identify the tools required, based on the site conditions, and the scope of work that will be involved in getting your site job-ready.

2. Post-installation Survey

A survey after completing the work will assess whether your power installation project meets the set building regulations and safety standards. The focuses of this evaluation, among other things, are the earthing arrangement and installed safety devices. During this time, your electrician can walk you through the various dos and don'ts of your electrical system's safety.

Professional electricians also take this opportunity to see the installed system at work and perform a preliminary power quality audit. This audit involves evaluating how various installations from lighting to appliances and equipment interact with electrical power. If the lights are not flickering or blinking, the breakers don't trip and equipment does not shut down or fail prematurely, you have good power quality. Expert electricians provide excellent power installation services and protect against power quality problems.

A Job for Experts

Every aspect of a power installation project, including the pre- and post-installation surveys, should be handled by a qualified electrician. The electrician will document the findings of the surveys, and this information is important for coming up with design drawings, quotations, and of course, identifying and implementing remedial measures where the installation does not quite match the expected standards.

How long these surveys will take will depend on, among other factors, the size of your property and the complexity of your power installation. The most important thing; however, is recognising that both surveys are crucial and should therefore not be neglected for whatever reason.