Top Tips When Hiring A Commercial Electrician

Hiring a commercial electrician can be a nerve-wracking experience. It is especially so if you have not worked with a commercial electrician in the past. Below is an article detailing the considerations you should make when hiring a commercial electrician. 

Ask For References and A Portfolio

Ask the electrician to provide you with some references. Interview the references to determine the contractor's experience and work ethic. For instance, you would want to know if the contractor meets deadlines, how they resolve disputes, and whether they are reasonably priced. Ask the electrician for his or her portfolio. It will help you assess the electrician's specialisation and whether they have conducted similar works in the past. 

Assess The Electrician's Licence And Insurance

The electrician must have a valid operating licence. Typically, the licence should allow the electrician to conduct the electrical works. For example, an electrical mechanic licence permits the electrician to repair appliances, install electrical lines and perform wiring works. On the other hand, an electrical fitter licence allows the electrician to repair motors and switchboards. A restricted electrical works licence is provided to electricians that whose work is associated with other trades. For instance, some electricians can conduct HVAC, mechanical fitting, or plumbing works. 

The primary benefit of working with a licenced electrician is that they can give compliance certificates. These certificates are a guarantee that the electrical installation is tested and safe to use. Remember to assess the electrician's insurance cover. Typically, the cover protects you from financial liability in case of an accident at the site. 

Inquire Their Availability

Inquire about the electrician's availability. It is a vital consideration if you have a long-term project or need the electrical repairs or installation conducted within a few hours. If possible, work with an electrician who is ready to create long-term relationships. It ensures that one contractor conducts all electrical works in your home or business premises.  

Examine The Electrician's Terms 

The electrician should have reasonable engagement terms. Typically, they must be clear about the services that they will provide. Besides, the electrician should provide you with an installation plan detailing how long the works will take. Ideally, the electrician should give you a quote of how much they will charge for the installation or repair works. Beware of extra costs and penalties. For example, some electrical contractors will charge more during the weekend or if you are late to make payments. 

When hiring a commercial electrician, assess their references, portfolio, licencing, insurance, availability, and terms.