Specifications to Discuss with an Electrician When Scheduling Residential CCTV Installation

Although there is a variety of security solutions you can consider for your home, CCTV cameras remain a top option for many homeowners and this can be credited to the array of advantages that they offer. Not only do CCTV systems provide you with evidence if a crime is committed on your premises but their presence can also intimidate potential intruders and this reduces the risk of a break-in. Moreover, investing in CCTV installation can also help reduce your home insurance premiums, as your insurance provider can attest to the fact that you are being proactive about keeping your loved ones and valuables protected.

Nevertheless, CCTV installation is not merely about hiring an electrician and having them set up a few cameras around the property. To make the most of this system, you need to know what features would provide you with the highest return on your investment. For more on that, check out the following specifications to discuss with an electrician when scheduling residential CCTV installation.

Audio capabilities

When you think of CCTV security cameras, you probably envision footage with no accompanying sound. And this is unsurprising considering that this is the most common option that commercial and residential property owners gravitate towards. Nonetheless, you should know it is not the only solution available. If you want highly detailed recordings from your CCTV cameras, it is advisable to request your electrician to install a system with audio capabilities.

There are two main options that you could consider. The first is a CCTV system that records audio, which means you will be privy to any conversations held in close proximity to the external microphone. On the other hand, you can opt for two-way sound capabilities, which provide you with the flexibility to speak to people through your surveillance system.

Push notifications

While your main motivator for investing in CCTV installation would be to ensure you have exhaustive footage of the goings-on both in and around your residential property, you may not have thought about how arduous it can be to sift through hours of recordings in search of evidence. Yet, this will be your reality if you do not opt for a CCTV system equipped with push notifications. One thing most people can agree on is that sitting around watching their CCTV cameras all day is not sustainable, more so if you have a demanding career.

A better solution for this problem would be to have push notifications to alert you to any movement on your property. The moment the motion sensors trigger one or more CCTV cameras, a signal is automatically sent to your smartphone or email. These notifications not only ensure you stay abreast of any incidences on your property, but you can also reach out to the authorities in real-time. Look into CCTV installation near you.