Types of Power Installation You Need for Your New Caravan Park

There is an increasing number of people choosing to travel the country while living full-time in their caravan. Caravan living is not only a good source of income for people who sell caravans or build them for full-time living, but it is also a good source of income for caravan park owners. If you are considering building a new caravan park, one of the service contractors you will need is an electrician. There are several aspects of your caravan park that need power installation. Here are a few of them and what you should know about each one. 

Shower House

The shower house is one of the key amenities travellers look for. Many of the people who are living in their caravan full time have small washrooms. However, these do not compare to having a full shower with hot water and space to move. Your shower house needs multiple items that require power installation. The water needs to be heated, lights need to be on in the shower house, and any automated devices need power. This can all be accomplished through power installation and connection to your main power resource.

Power Poles

Each spot in the caravan park needs to have a functioning power pole. This pole will allow the caravan owners to park and connect their caravans to a power source. The pole can also have other options to help the caravan owner feel comfortable. You can also offer advanced services connected to the power poles for the caravan owners who will be staying for a season or other extended period of time. 

Park Lighting

The park itself needs lighting. This can be numerous forms of lighting options. For example, you can have your main street lights for guiding people around the park. You can also have the lights at each caravan space. In addition, you may want to go with night lighting for the pools, hot tubs, outbuildings, and main areas. This lighting can all be installed during the power installation process. 

Your electrician can survey the area and inspect the area's power grid. This can help them determine where to start and each aspect of the power installation process. They will discuss the areas with you and determine which services you need. Ideally, they will schedule all of the work to be done in one service call but may need a few more days depending on the size of the caravan park.