Hot water maintenance mistakes

When fixing a new water heater in your home it is advisable that you find a qualified electrical installation expert to do so. Unless you have a solid understanding of electrical connection and installation, DIY is not recommended. During a water heater installation, there are mistakes that may end up affecting the operation of your equipment. Here are a few mistakes to consider. Improperly Fitted Relief Valve Most water heaters feature a pressure and temperature relief valve which opens in case of increased pressure or temperature in the tank. Read More 

Vital Electrical Repairs You Should Not Do Alone

An electrical system that functions well does more than provide lights in your home. It will help reduce the risk of electrical dangers around your property. But sometimes you may notice signs that your electric unit needs some repairs. You will likely choose to deal with some of the issues alone. But, if you do not have proper knowledge of some of these problems, you are at risk of experiencing an electric shock. Read More 

Is Your Expanding Warehouse Able to Cope with the Increased Power Demand?

Recent events have led to a surge in demand for certain industries and an increase in activity in the typical commercial warehouse. You may be in charge of just such a facility and are racing to keep pace with the trend, so you may be adding capacity and, with that, electrical use. However, are you sure that your facility will be able to cope with this uptick in energy demand and what should you do to keep ahead of any potential problem? Read More 

The Major Benefits of Solar Power

As the price of renewable energy continues to decline, many households are turning away from electricity. One of the most popular options for renewable energy is solar power. The benefits of going solar range from lower energy costs to reducing your carbon footprint. Here is a detailed reflection on the advantages of turning to solar power for your domestic and commercial energy needs. Clean and Free Solar energy is a clean and green source of power. Read More 

Wiring Options You Need for Your Business’s Parking Garage

If you are developing a parking garage for your customers and employees, you will need to consider the electricity used in that garage. Though many business owners think of the basic lighting and possible electricity for any security shacks and check-in points, there are other options that should be considered as well. Here are a few of the options a commercial electrician can offer you and what you need to know about each one. Read More